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Above the Clouds

Appraisal Services

We offer a comprehensive set of appraisal services. 

BK Associates is dedicated to providing first-class aircraft, engine and intangible assets valuation services. Our company has been providing exceptional aviation consulting for over 39 years. Our services include half-live and full-life valuations, maintenance-adjusted valuations, desktop and extended desktop valuations, and lease encumbered valuations. We specialize in loyalty programs and can provide you with accurate and reliable valuations for your fleet. We have significant experience in valuing international trade routes, airport landing slots, trademarks, frequent flyer programs, and noncompetes. BK Associates is ISTAT certified and supported by the AICPA. For appraisals, please contact

 Aircraft Values Analysis Company Limited has been providing serial number specific market values for over 33 years. Thousands of individual aircraft are appraised by AVAC each year. We provide the most accurate and reliable current and future market values for aircraft. Along with market values, we specialize in providing current and future lease rates, appraisals for individual aircraft, portfolios, or fleets, type analysis, and market overviews and analysis. The Aircraft Value Analysis Company Limited undertakes Desktop Appraisals for airlines, lessors, financial institutions and ECAs. With BaFin approval AVAC’s methodology is proven and contributes to compliance. For desktop or maintenance-adjusted appraisals, contact

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